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Company Profile
CSS Company Limited was founded in 2006 under the Myanmar Companies Act Registration no. 930/2006-2007. The former name of the company is Central Supply Slipper Company Limited. It's been changed to the present name CSS in June, 2016. The company's first business was slippers and rubber products distribution based in Mandalay, the second largest city of Myanmar which is located in the center of Myanmar.

In 2007, CSS expanded business into electrical market and started distributing fluorescent lamps and accessories to Myanmar market.
In 2009, CSS opened its new branch in Yangon, the largest business city of Myanmar, and started distributing electrical goods in Yangon region.
CSS is the sole Agent of Toshiba Lighting products in Myanmar.

The company has office and showroom in both Yangon and Mandalay, and distributing products through Myanmar with a total of 100 staffs.

Toshiba Lighting 4th Dealers' Dinner (Yangon)
Toshiba Lighting 4th Dealers' Dinner (Mandalay)
Present to our customers
Present to our customers
Mandalay Team
Mandalay Team